Shipping Labels & Overpack Labels

Our assortment contains common shipping labels with pictograms (single or combined with other pictograms) - optionally made of paper or foil. Furthermore, we carry a large variety of shipping labels with explanatory text, proven in use.

This Way Up
Diese Seite nach oben

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Vorsicht Glas

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Handle with care
Mit Vorsicht behandeln

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Schweres Paket

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Do not stack
Nicht stapeln

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Please do not use blades to open
Bitte nicht mit dem Messer öffnen

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Invoice/Packing list inside
Rechnung/Lieferschein innenliegend

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Center of gravity


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Keep dry; Keep cool; Protect from frost
Umwelt- & Wettereinflüsse

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Highly sensitive electronic equipment
Hochempflindliche Elektrogeräte

Do not fold or bend
Bitte nicht knicken

Small parts

Bank information

Collective Shipment



Open here
Hier öffnen


Sling here
Hier anschlagen


Inspect package contents immediately
Inhalt sofort überprüfen

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Labels for package postage

Blank shipping labels for mail, parcels and packages that are shipped through UPS, GLS or with a different carrier. Print your compatible label formats for packages in the thermal transfer printer or direct thermal printer with Labelident!

LQ-labels for limited quantities of dangerous goods

LQ-labels give information about limited quantities of packaged and dangerous goods. In our shop you will find self-adhesive foil or paper labels for environmentally hazardous goods and substances to be transported through road, rail, sea or air freight.

Transition Period! The transition period for limited quantity labels ends on June 30th, 2015. LQ - limited quantities labels will be replaced by LQ-labels for air freight and LQ-labels for road, rail and sea freight

Note: Since July 1, 2011, the ADR/RID 2011 is mandatory!

  • LQ – Limited Quantities (road, rail, sea freight): Shipping goods, in which the contents fulfil the criteria of transportation of limited quantities must be labelled with the new label
  • LQ – Limited Quantities (air freight): If a portion of the distance is covered through air mail, the entire transport chain must be labelled with the new sign!

UN Number Labels to reduce the risk of dangerous accidents

UN-Number-Labels are regulated through GGVS-/ADR and identify products through a specific number code that shows which dangerous substance is contained. The four-digit code gives important information for the quick identification of the hazard potential of many substances through different authorities such as fire department or police. This can be a crucial factor the event of an accident.