Cable Inspection Labels

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What are cable inspection labels?

Cable inspection labels are suited for the permanent marking of your cables and cords and support a routinely inspection. While it is self-evident that machines must be maintained and inspected in regular intervals, this is often not the case with cables. Nevertheless, the inspection of cable lines and power supply lines are just as important as checking the device itself. If the supply line is defective, this can cause a fire if the flaw is not found in time. Especially, when the cable is partially covered or hidden, fire can spread unnoticed - and the defective cable becomes a real safety hazard for your employees. Please do not take any chances and mark your inspected cables appropriately!

What types of cable inspection labels are there?

We offer many different cable inspection labels for various types of applications. We supply labels with different imprints, in different sizes and for different uses. If you still cannot find what you are needing within our wide range of goods, we can also supply customized labels, tailored to your demands.

How are cable inspection labels applied?

Cable inspection labels consist of a printed and a clear part. On the printed part of the label, the actually inspection label is printed, on which you can mark the desired dates with a pen, marker or notching tool. In order to attach the inspection label to your cable, simply wrap the transparent part of the label around your cable.

Cable inspection labels can also be used for thin cords and lines. They are made of a very flexible vinyl material, which can be wrapped around even very small radii. If the cable is too thin for this, you can still label it accordingly simply fold the cable inspection label around the cord, attach the printed part and the end of the transparent part of the label to one another and you'll still receive a proper result.

What color are the cable inspection labels supplied in?

There are no regulations regarding the color of the inspection labels. In our shop you can find the standard yellow electrical labels as well as various year coordinated colors. Depending on the inspection interval, you can purchase the cable inspection labels in yellow, green, red or blue - one color for each interval.

What color are the cable inspection labels supplied in?

We recommend switching the color of your cable inspection labels after every inspection. In this manner, you can keep your inspection dates organized and keep track of the different inspection dates.