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Shipping labels protect sensitive packages from improper transport. With the chain as a symbol, shipping goods are marked for slinging. The notice can prevent damage to the package and contents.

Labelident shipping labels made of weatherproof plastic film (polyethylene) are non-absorbent. Thus, the imprint remains clear and legible even when exposed to moisture. This material is therefore particularly suitable for outdoor use.

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    Item number: C1741063
    package handling label, polyethylene foil, 74 x 105 mm
    package handling label, polyethylene foil, white-black, 74 x 105 mm, 1,000 labels
    label adhesive:
    core diameter:
    3 inch / 76,2 mm
    1,000 labels on 1 roll(s)
    €28.99 1.000 Labels (€28.99 per 1.000 Labels) As low as €10.99 1.000 Labels (€28.99 per 1.000 Labels)
    Available immediately from stock
Delivery labels protect sensitive parcels from incorrect transportation. The foil labels are weatherproofed, making the imprint permanent as well. The paper labels are permanently adhesive. Especially made for transportation of heavy goods.