"Eilt! Express!" shipping labels are used when you want your packages to be sent to a desired destination as quickly as possible. Mark the transported goods with the conspicuously colored labels to unmistakably indicate a desired express shipment. "Express" labels ensure that the goods are handled quickly and professionally.

The "Eilt! Express!" labels are produced cost-effectively from a self-adhesive paper material. The black imprint on the red label promises good legibility and eye-catching labeling.

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    Item number: V27-100X050LRD
    package handling label, paper, 100 x 50 mm
    package handling label, paper, red-black, 100 x 50 mm, Eilt/Express, 1,000 labels
    label adhesive:
    core diameter:
    3 inch / 76,2 mm
    1,000 labels on 1 roll(s)
    €18.99 1.000 Labels (€18.99 per 1.000 Labels) As low as €7.99 1.000 Labels (€18.99 per 1.000 Labels)
    Available immediately from stock
The correct labeling of your packaging protects your contents from damages during transportation. A colored label is particularly recommendable, since these labels are distinct and eye-catching. They give information on how to handle your goods.

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