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In our barcode scanner category we offer you a large selection of high-quality 1D barcode scanners that are used, for example, in logistics, production, retail or medicine. Our barcode scanners specialize in the accurate capture of linear barcodes and are designed for fast scanning. With just one scan you can capture and process important information such as product codes, inventory levels or patient data. This not only saves time, but also minimizes sources of error and increases the accuracy of your data. In our range you will also find Bluetooth scanners for mobile applications and wired barcode scanners for fixed locations.
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We also have a large selection of 2D barcode scanners in our range.

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What are barcode scanners?

Barcode scanner, also known as 1D barcode scanners or 1D barcode readers, is a device or hardware component specifically designed to capture and decode 1D barcodes. 1D barcodes, also known as linear barcodes, are the traditional black and white stripes found on products, packaging and documents. These barcodes consist of a series of vertical bars and/or numbers that encode information such as product code, price, storage location, serial number, etc.
The job of a 1D barcode scanner is to quickly and accurately read these barcodes and convert the information encoded within them into a form that computers can understand. This makes it easier to automate processes across various industries, including retail, logistics, warehouse management, manufacturing and healthcare.
1D barcodes enable fast and accurate data capture, increasing efficiency, reducing errors and improving traceability of products and assets. These are key technologies for companies that rely on accurate inventory management and process automation.

What is special about 1D barcode scanner technology?

Barcode scanners are an efficient solution for companies that primarily process linear barcodes and require a fast and reliable method of data capture. Barcode scanners are particularly characterized by the following features:

Accurate data capture: Barcode scanners specialize in accurately capturing linear barcodes. 1D barcode data can be read very accurately and quickly, resulting in high detection accuracy.
Speed: Barcode scanners are designed for fast scanning. They can recognize 1D barcodes and decode the information they contain in a split second. This helps speed up the process and increase productivity.
Cost effectiveness: Barcode scanners are often cheaper than 2D scanners and are the right choice if only 1D barcodes are used in your business environment.
Durability: They are designed for use in various industries and work environments and are characterized by their durability. This means they can withstand shock, vibration and environmental conditions without sacrificing performance.
Easy integration: Integrating a barcode scanner into an existing system is usually straightforward. This enables smooth implementation in different business areas, from logistics to retail.
Longevity: 1D barcodes are a proven technology that has been used successfully in companies for many years. Known for their reliability and durability.

Types of Barcode Scanners:

Hand-held scanners/handheld scanners: These devices resemble a pistol grip and allow the scanners to be comfortably held in the hand.
Permanently installed barcode scanners: These barcode scanners are stationary and are often used to automatically capture barcodes in cash register systems, conveyor belts or production lines.
Bluetooth Scanners: These wireless scanners are portable and ideal for applications where flexibility is required, such as large warehouses and stores.