Dangerous Goods / GHS

Dangerous goods labels are diamond shaped and contain intuitive pictograms and specific number codes (classes) which give information about the type of danger a substance proposes during transportation. For every HAZMAT class, you will find the suitable label in our Labelident shop. In addition, we carry GHS-Labels, LQ-Labels as well as UN-Number-Labels.
Information for our Labelident customers:
Our dangerous goods labels are in accordance with dangerous goods classes, which are divided into the following classes:

  • Class 1 - Explosive substances and objects with explosive material
  • Class 2 - Gases
  • Class 3 - Flammable liquids
  • Class 4 - Flammable solids, self-combustible substances and substances that create flammable gases in combination with water
  • Class 5 - Flammable (oxidizing) substances and organic peroxides
  • Class 6 - Poisonous substances and infectious substances
  • Class 7 - Radioactive substances
  • Class 8 - Corrosive substances
  • Class 9 - Various dangerous substances and materials