Inspection Labels for Electrical Equipment

High-quality inspection labels for the labelling of electrical equipment. With yellow base color and black imprint for the labeling of electrical inspections.

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Where are electrical inspection labels used?

Electrical inspection labels are used in all areas, in which electrical machines, devices and equipment are used. Especially electricians consider the small yellow inspection labels as part of their base equipment: if a machine or device has been inspected, the object is approved by attaching the relevant label.

In this manner, a variety of electrical inspection labels is used for many different applications: indoors on assembly lines, in warehouses, in offices and many other surroundings. The labels can even be used outdoors, which is why some electrical inspection labels must withstand outside influences, just the same as the device itself.

What material is used for the electrical inspection labels?

Since electrical inspection labels can be used for many different areas, the demands towards the material are equally manifold. We offer inspection labels made of foil to cover many different applications in which the inspection labels are used.

Inspection labels made of foil can be used for all applications, where paper inspection labels are not enough. The foil material is especially resistant and protects the imprint from humidity, oils and even some chemicals. For all high-demanding areas, we recommend the use of inspection labels made of foil. The foil inspection labels are the perfect choice for equipment labelled outdoors or in production or assembly lines.