CE & WEEE Labels

What does WEEE stand for? WEEE is the abbreviation for "Waste of Electrical and Electronic Equipment". According to EU guideline 2012/19/EU, all electrical and electronics devices must be labeled with WEEE.

CE labels: machines, electrical resourcces and personal safety devices must be labeled with the CE-sign. With this sign, the safety of your products is documented for trade within the European Union.

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Note for CE-Labels: With the CE label, the manufacturer self-dependently declares that his product is in accordance with the EU guidelines for said product. Furthermore, the manufacturer guarantees that the product was manufactured in accordance with relevant product specifications. The CE label must be visibly attached to the product in a distinctive, legible and permanent manner. The size of the label must be at least 5mm. In case the symbol is enlarged or reduced, the proportions must remain the same.

Please note that on our CE labels in 6.35 x 6.35 mm format, the font size of the CE imprint is minimally smaller than 5 mm.