Leporello folded, Thermo-Eco-Labels, white, matt, permanent adhesive

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Leporello labels: Printing without roll change

What is special about Leporello labels?

When printing labels, folded labels are a suitable alternative to roll material. Labels with fanfold folds are produced like labels on a roll, only in the last work step they are folded as a stack in zigzag. This way the labels are folded like an accordion.

What is the advantage of Leporello labels over roll labels?

Fanfold labels are not placed in the printer like roll labels, but are fed through the printer from the back. The purpose of fanfold labels is that you can print large quantities of labels without having to change a label roll in the printer. In addition, the folded labels are made up in a stack without "twist". A label on a roll will always have a slight "bend" due to the winding - but this has no effect on the adhesion of the labels.

How do I print these Leporello labels on my desktop printer?

Printer with Leporello labels

To print fanfold labels, place the label stack behind the desktop printer. Insert the fanfold thermal labels via the slot at the back of the desktop printer, such as the Desktop Printer GK420 from Zebra.

Print the fanfold labels without ribbon. The thermo-sensitive material of the folded labels turns black due to the heat generated by the print head. Printing is possible without any problems or interruptions.