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Depending on the application, we offer inspection labels in many different material. You can choose from inspection labels made of foil, with tamper-proof effect or paper inspection labels, giving you the right material for your application.

Foil inspection labels

Foil inspection labels

Inspection labels made of foil are extremely resistant and are suited for the use in demanding surroundings. Our foil labels are equipped with a special protective laminate, which reliably seals the imprint, making it resistant against smudging and scratching. Additionally, the labels are resistant against many chemicals and oils, making them the perfect solution for the labeling of inspection dates in industrial surrounding.

Tamper proof inspection labels

Tamper proof inspection labels

Our inspection labels made of tamper-proof material are the right choice for applications requiring manipulation protection: once attached, the inspection label cannot be removed in one piece, showing the manipulation instantly. A secure way of marking your goods and assets is therefor guaranteed.

What benefits are gained through inspection labels?

Inspection labels serve the purpose of showing performed or upcoming inspections or inspection dates and can be used for all types of assets, supporting an error-free inspection plan in your organization. The small inspection labels have proven themselves handy especially in large companies, where many maschines, scales and other objects must regularly be inspected: the show the most important data regarding the inspection directly on the object to be inspected, supporting the routine, law-conforming inspection of your goods and assets.

Where are inspection labels used?

Inspection labels are used everywhere, where an inspection of equipment takes place to ensure the secure use of the object. The labels can be found on machines, electrical units, scales, medical devices, computers, screens and much more. The labels show the last or next inspection date of the object directly where the information is needed: on the device! The labels can also be used for shelves, ladders and steps - there is hardly an ares, where inspection labels are not used.

What types of inspection labels are there?

We offer a large assortment of inspection labels for various applications and demands: in addition to simple year or multi-year inspection labels with neutral imprint or according to regulations, we also offer base inspection labels, cable inspection labels and electrical inspection labels for the use on your operating equipment. Base inspection labels are suited as a base for common inspection labels and allow for the adding of supplementary information in accordance with VDE or other regulations. If you can't find the right inspection labels for your application in our standard assortment, we also offer individual inspection labels.

What colors are the inspection labels supplied in?

Inspection labels are available in many different colors and formats - there are no regulations regarding which color must be used. For example, we offer inspection labels in four year colors: yellow, blue, green and red, but other color variations can also be purchased. Choose from brown, violet, cyan, magenta and many others and pick the right inspection labels to fit into your operating environment! Thanks to the different colors, you can choose if you prefer subtle, inconspicuous labels, or if the inspection labels should be seen immediately, ensuring that the information on the label is seen instantly. Especially for designed areas such as sales or showrooms, a subtle marking is recommended. More conspicuous labeling is recommended in production areas and assembly lines to draw attention to the inspection dates. The colors of the inspection labels are also in accordance to specific applications: white medical inspection labels are used for objects in the health care sector, while yellow inspection labels are used for the marking of electrical operating resources.

We recommend changing the color of the used inspection labels after every inspection interval, making the date or interval labeling more arranged and structured.