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What are base labels?

A base label is a label, on which an inspection label can be placed. The base label offers space for additional information, which cannot be printed on the inspection label itself. Especially when using Inspection labels with year number or general imprints, the use of a base label comes in handy. Thanks to the base label, you can give information about the inspection, the inspector and other important information - without having to make a custom inspection label for the specific inspection. Especially when many different types of equipment must be inspected in different way, base labels pay off and offer a reasonable supplement for the labeling of the inspection of your operating equipment.

What types of base labels are there?

There are many different base labels, on which various pieces of information can be added to your inspection label. Base labels with a space for free text can be used for manual inscription of supplemental information regarding your inspections, maintenance and calibrations. Other base labels can also include additional information, such as giving information about guidelines or regulations or other legal text and general instructions or rules. The manual inscription can then be made to add the name of the inspector or a company stamp and/or logo.

In addition to the generally valid base labels, we have many different products, adapted to various fields of application. Labelident produces base and inspection labels according to your demands, such as for the labeling of ladders and steps, fire extinguishers, cables and more. Depending on your application, you can pick from different base labels, giving you the needed room to add custom information.

And if you cannot find the right base label in our standard range of products, we can produce custom labels, tailored to your needs. Your individual company imprint can range from a simple company name to a complete address of the company including phone number, fax, email and website and much more. Browse our assortment to find what you need!

What material are the base labels made of?

Base labels are made of resistant foil, which is why they can be used almost everywhere. Some labels are equipped even with a protective laminate, protecting the material even from harsh conditions: humidity, oils and even chemicals and various solvents can no longer damage your base labels. In addition, the imprint is protected from smudging and scratching, making it legible even after prolonged periods of time, reliably showing the information about your inspection dates and additional information. This allows the long-term use of the base labels - even withstanding numerous inspection intervals! Your added information is therefore preserved even over extended time frames. All you have to do is exchange the attached inspection labels (or apply the new label over the old one), in order to update the inspection interval.