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Zebra ZD420 and successor model ZD421 comparison

The Zebra ZD421 builds on the GK Series printers as the direct successor to the ZD420 model line and is a general-purpose desktop label printer. The evolution of Zebra's ZD420 printers remains user-friendly and easy to use, but also features new advanced functionality. To that end, the ZD421 has a new, more intuitive user interface, a high-performance architecture and a field-upgradeable wireless kit. Media routing and handling are even easier to operate. The ZD421 prints labels in both thermal transfer (printing WITH ribbon) and direct thermal (printing WITHOUT ribbon) at resolutions of 203 and 300 dpi, respectively. The maximum print speed is 6 ips (6 inches per second = 152 mm/s, at 203 dpi). Thanks to the available interfaces, the ZD421 can be embedded in both wireless and wired networks. It can be controlled via the EPL and ZPL printer languages.

The main features at a glance:

  • 30% more power than the ZD420 printers
  • Universal desktop printer with high ease of use
  • Direct Thermal & Thermal Transfer
  • Space saving design
  • High printing speed
  • Interface diversity

What applications can I use the Zebra ZD421 printer for?

Like its predecessor, the ZD420, the Zebra ZD421 desktop printer is ideal for a wide range of applications and environments. The printer handles common label formats and reliably prints nameplates, product labels, shipping labels or healthcare labels.

How is the Zebra ZD421d different from the Zebra ZD421t?

Zebra ZD421 bei Labelident bestellen

The Zebra ZD421 is available as thermal transfer printer ZD421t, which works with ribbon or as thermal direct variant ZD421d. The Zebra ZD421t thermal transfer printer is slightly larger - but overall in terms of dimensions and at just under 2 kg, it is still a very compact printer model that is suitable for numerous applications where space is at a premium.

Further differences arise in the print resolution, maximum print speed and maximum print width, as you can see from our technical data table.

Technical data

Printer parameters
Model: ZD421
Pressure principle: Thermotransfer, Thermodirekt
Resolution: 203 dpi 300 dpi
Max. Speed: 152 mm/s (6 ips) 102 mm/s (4 ips)
Max. Print width: 104 mm 108 mm
labels: outside winding on 1 inch core and max. 127 mm outside roll diameter
Ribbons: 74 m Ribbon: outside winding on 1/2 inch core and max. 34 m length
300 m Ribbon: outside winding on 1/2 inch core and max. 66 m length


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How do I install the ribbon roll into the Zebra ZD421t?

The Zebra ZD421t is compatible with 74m and 300m ribbons. Especially with longer ribbons, longer printing is possible without changing the ribbon. The exchange is done in just a few steps and is explained in detail in the Zebra ZD421t manual. You need a take-up roll and a corresponding ribbon for installation in the device. Please note: This procedure is to be distinguished from the ZD420c models available on the market - here ribbon cassettes/cartridges are inserted.