Wax/Resin Ribbons, on 12.7 mm core, ink side out

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Thermal ribbons made of wax-resin provide good print results using low print temperatures. The abrasion resistance is not quite as strong as resin ribbons, but much higher than that of wax ribbons. Mixed ribbons provide a compromise between cheap, less durable wax ribbons and the more expensive, very durable resin ribbons. For everyone whose print requirements are in this middle field, mixed wax-resin ribbons are the ribbon of choice.

The cost-efficient wax/resin ribbon on 12.7 mm roll core allow for pin-sharp print results in your mini desktop printer. The wax/resin mixture can be applied even at medium print head temperatures, making it the perfect ribbon for glossy paper materials. We recommend our wax/resin ribbons for the printing of barcode labels, product labels and all other applications, where the print quality adds to the value of the product.