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As a certified UL Repacker for the USA (File-No.: E484087-20160427) and Canada (File-No.: E484087-20160428), Labelident  is please to inform you about the meaning of UL certification and will show you the benefits of using UL certified materials. More information about UL-certified productsat Labelident.eu!

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UL Certification for Labelident label materials

The UL Certification is a norm defined through the Underwriters Laboratories Inc. (or UL), used in American and Canadian markets. The  independent UL institute with its main headquarters in Northbrook, Illinois, is a  testing institute, which examines and certifies products and processes from various areas in regards to product safety such as raw materials for the labeling industry. For the American and Canadian markets, the UL seal is a prerequisite to enter the market.

UL listed raw materials lose their certification through processing such as die cutting, punching and confectioning. The certification can be maintained, however, through a certified repacker by applying the UL recognized component mark to the product. For this purpose, the repacker verifies that only UL listed raw materials were processed by the company through the supply chain. Only companies which are certified UL repackers, such as Labelident GmbH, retain the UL certification of the raw materials even after processing of the final product.

As an additional service, Labelident GmbH has an overview of listed thermal transfer ribbons, so that the label maintains its UL certification even after printing. This information can be found in the specification sheets of our label materials.

Overview of the benefits of UL certification

  • The UL certification ensures that the raw materials of a product comply with safety standards in the USA and Canada.
  • Products made of UL certified materials can be retraced through a UL-verification chain all the way back to the manufacturer.
  • Certified UL repackers can maintain the UL certfication of the raw material of a final product (such as cut labels).