Security Labels on Roll

With these labels you can be sure that manipulation is impossible! Security labels are especially suited to protect your belongings or to protect yourself from violations or fraud i.e. with inspection dates. The labels can be printed on easily and leave an imprint or checkerboard print upon removal.

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What are security labels?

Security labels can be divided into checkerboard labels, VOID labels and document film labels depending on the security effect. In this regard, each security label offers its own security effect, which can be used either for tamper protection, transmission protection or counterfeit protection of your products.

Checkerboard labels

Checkerboard effect labels look like conventional labels - but have an invisible security effect that only becomes visible when tampering is attempted. Once affixed, the label leaves a clearly visible checkerboard pattern on the substrate. Unauthorized removal of the label is therefore indicated directly, which makes the labels the right use for your warranty purposes in particular.

VOID labels

VOID labels also show immediately when the label was peeled off and can therefore be used for all important markings. Here, however, no pattern is displayed but an eye-catching VOID lettering.

Document slide

Labels made of document film have a transfer protection that makes it impossible to apply a label that has already been glued to another place. Once affixed, the material cannot be detached from the substrate in one piece and will tear into countless pieces when attempted.

Can I print on security labels?

Yes, all security labels can be printed using the thermal transfer process and can be customized to your specifications. In conjunction with the right ribbon, you will receive high-quality imprints with high contour sharpness on each of the materials. In addition your imprints on Checkerboard or VOID labels offer convincing resistance to stress from moisture, dust, dirt and various mechanical influences such as smudging and scratching.