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Asset Labels

Asset labels can be purchased in two materials for your individual demands: Labels made of tamper proof sheeting leave a checkerboard pattern on the surface upon removal and are perfectly suited for the marking of your property. Labels made of self-destructive document sheeting can not be removed from the surface in one piece - this means that they are absolutely non-transferable and manipulation proof. We offer these property labels with print.
Asset Labels
Inventory labels with protective laminate on roll

Inventory labels on roll with protective laminate for self-inscription and laminating. Perfect for the labeling of your goods and assets to prevent theft and misuse.

VOID Property Labels: Prüfmittel Nr.

Polyester checkerboard labels with imprint "Inspection Equipment No." leave a checkerboard pattern on the surface upon removal, making them tamper-proof

Property Labels: Inventar-Nr.: made of VOID-material

Inventory labels made of polyester leave a VOID pattern on the surface of the product or good upon removal. Available in different formats and sizes.

Tamper-Proof Label: Geräte-Nr.

Inventory Labels with imprint "device number" made of tamper-proof material to protect your property from manipulation and theft.

VOID Property Labels: Geräte-Nr.

Polyester VOID labels with imprint leave a checkerboard pattern on the surface upon removal, making them tamper-proof

Want to create your own property or inventory labels? Use our label creator tool for individual label designs: » create individual property labels online