Laser Printable Labels

Labelident offers a comprehensive selection of labels on DIN A4 sheets for laser printers in a variety of different materials such as paper, polyester or tamper-proof sheeting. Our range of products includes all important documents in the areas of office, storage and logistics, from address labels, binder labels to shipping labels, you are sure to find what you are looking for. These labels can be used with almost all common ink jet and laser printers as well as industrial copy machines.

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What can laser labels be used for?

Laser labels or labels on DIN A4 sheets are an inexpensive way to carry out smaller marking tasks in the office, archive, warehouse or reception area. The material paper in particular is recommended for cost-effective indoor use. The unprinted, mostly white stickers are very adaptable, flexible and allow optimal feeding and running in the laser printer or copier. A safety edge protects your device from adhesive residues and from the labels peeling off during the printing process. Paper label sheets on DIN A4 with smooth and clean edges also counteract a paper jam in the laser printer.

In our wide range of materials, you will find paper labels various stickers for outdoor use. So you can use a weatherproof adhesive film made of polyester to label e.g. components, products and goods that are stored outdoors without any problems. Print the self-adhesive foil with barcodes, serial numbers, company address or logo and mark professionally and durable!

Woven labels and cable markers on sheets are particularly flexible and small labels. They are characterized by special properties: Particularly robust and temperature-resistant, these labels can be used for marking cable harnesses or for control cabinet construction.

Our range of self-adhesive labels for laser printers covers all major sizes and formats. No matter if you are looking for small address labels, narrow file spines or large format shipping labels - you will find them at! Matching label templates & stencils for an exact print can also be found in our store.

Can laser labels also be printed in color?

Yes! Color label printing on our paper labels can be realized particularly well in laser printers. For all color print jobs that are intended to attract more attention, the laser labels offered here are completely sufficient. The paper label with a matt surface is a good and inexpensive choice for color marking in the office.

Our tip: If you want to save on expensive color ink for your existing laser printer, why not use completely solid colored laser labels from our range! With them you can even give monochrome prints the necessary attention.

Are laser labels waterproof and durable?

Yes! Our universal labels made of foil with permanent adhesive are all waterproof and very resistant. Choose the material polyester, security foil or fabric if you are looking for weatherproof labels. We have summarized below which adhesive film for the laser printer is best suited for your application:

Polyester labels belong to the extremely robust A4 adhesive films, because they are smudge-proof, scratch-resistant, waterproof, solvent- and chemical-resistant, tear-resistant and insensitive to UV light. Therefore, these labels can be used not only indoors but also outdoors without any problems. Sun, wind and weather leave these foil labels cold! The natural shine of our polyester labels gives your label a certain degree of value. Therefore the A4 stickers in white or silver are well suited as type plates, product labels or for component identification.

Fabric labels also have a very high adhesive strength and can be applied even on difficult surfaces (whether uneven, soft, rough, oily or smooth). They are extremely smudge-proof, scratch-resistant, moisture-resistant, solvent- and chemical-resistant as well as tear-resistant. Since the material is also very soft and flexible, the labels are suitable for gluing to tight radii and edges. Fabric labels are therefore often used for marking cables and conductors.

By the way: For cable marking we also offer special cable markers - which are also very robust - on DIN A4 sheets in different colors!