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CAB Replacement Parts

In this category, you will find a variety of CAB replacement parts that are subject to wear and tear such as print heads and rolls. All label printers have wear and tear parts that need replacing after a certain amount of time. Be sure to exchange your print heads and print rollers in time to avoid damage to your printer.
CAB Replacement Parts
CAB print heads for label printers (Industrial)

CAB Print heads for industrial label printers.

CAB Print Heads for desktop label printers

CAB Print Heads for desktop label printers

Margin Stop for CAB label printers

Margin stop for cab label printers. The margin stop positions and fixes the label material in the label printer and ensures even unwinding.

Plastic Cover for CAB SQUIX

Plastic cover for label printers of the CAB SQUIX 2, SQUIX 4, SQUIX 4M, SQUIX 4.3 SQUIX 4.3M and SQUIX 6.3 series.

Roll Mount for CAB label printers

Roll Mount for CAB label printers

Plastic Cover for CAB A2+ / A4+ / A6+

Plastic cover for label printers of the CAB A2+, A4+ and A6+ series.

Print rolls for CAB printers (industrial)

Compatible Printers: CAB A+ series, CAB A+P series, MACH4 series, MACH 4S series, EOS series

CAB thermal transfer ribbon fastener for MACH4,

Fixture for Thermal Transfer Ribbons for CAB MACH 4-Series

Display for CAB EOS1 and EOS4 Series

Touchscreen display for CAB EOS1 or EOS4 indicates the current status of the printer and the print job, indicates faults and shows the printer settings in the menu.

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