Print Heads for Label Printers

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The print head is the heart of the label printer. With every print task, the print head is exposed to stress and strain. The constant friction of the label material makes periodic changing of the print head inevitable, even with the best of care.

Exchange the print head if the printed label is...
  • blurry or weak
  • has stripes, blotches or smuding.

In our assortment your will find a wide variety of print heads for label printers by leading manufacturers including mini-desktop devices, standard printers for industry and specialty printers. Browse our assortment now!
Please note: replacement parts cannot be returned or exchanged!

Is the print head of your Zebra label printer not providing excellent results?

At Labelident you can find print heads from Zebra and many more manufacturers. Now follow our instructions and learn more about the changing a print head on a Zebra thermal label printer like GX420d, GX420t, GK420d and GK420t!