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Test badges DGUV for tests on electrical equipment

Regular testing, maintenance and servicing of work equipment or systems are an important part of every company. Companies of all sizes are obliged to carry out an electrical test in accordance with DGUV. The abbreviations BGV, BGR and GUV were important before 2014 when it came to these tests. This changed with the DGUV and a uniform set of rules took their place. Since then, at Labelident you have always received your inspection stickers according to the currently valid DGUV number codes.

Different DGUV standards and regulations

In our range you will find DGUV stickers for tests on electrical systems and machines. Common DGUV tests are the DGUV test V3 and the DGUV test V4. The difference between the two regulations is mainly that DGUV V4 applies to municipal/public buildings (daycare centres, authorities, schools...) and DGUV V3 applies to all other companies.

DGUV V3 test badges replace BGV A3 badges

The DGUV V3 test regulation is particularly important for all companies. This also means that the DGUV V3 stickers replace the old BGV A3 test stickers. Although stickers according to BGV A3 may still be used, we always recommend switching to test stickers with current test regulations. You will find all DGUV stickers in our range as a multi-year sticker - so that you can sufficiently document the safe condition of tested devices and electrical systems and always keep an eye on new test dates.

What is the DGUV V3 test?

According to DGUV regulation 3, every business owner is obliged to test electrical systems and equipment every 2 years. This includes, for example, coffee machines, printers and desk lamps. The DGUV V3 inspection includes a list of test steps that must be carried out by a qualified electrician on any electrical equipment, stationary or non-stationary. The inspection includes the following steps: visual inspection, measurement, functional test, evaluation, documentation - then the passed inspection and the next inspection date according to DGUV V3 are documented with a badge.

DGUV test seal according to DGUV regulation 4

What does DGUV Regulation 4 contain?

DGUV Regulation 4 replaces the previous GUV-V A3 test standard. Test badges according to DGUV regulation 4 document the technically perfect condition of electrical systems and equipment in public buildings. Just like DGUV V3, DGUV V4 stipulates that inspection intervals and inspection criteria must be drawn up following a risk assessment. Afterwards, regular inspections must be carried out. An initial test is usually required before the electrical equipment and systems are put into operation. In contrast to DGUV V3, the testing frequency recommendation for DGUV V4 is set annually in order to do justice to the special demands placed on electrical equipment in public facilities.

Labelident materials for DGUV inspection labels

wasserfeste DGUV Plakette

DGUV test badge made of foil

DGUV test badges made of foil can be stuck to numerous surfaces. On top of that, the DGUV stickers also withstand moisture and are scratch-resistant.

  • Application: indoors and outdoors
  • Tear and scratch-resistant
  • Permanently adhesive
Prüfplakette DGUV Manipulationssicher

Inspection sticker DGUV made of document foil

If protection against tampering with an inspection sticker is important to you, then a Labelident DGUV sticker made of document foil is the right choice. When you try to remove it, it shreds into many individual parts. This makes transfer impossible.

  • Anwendungsgebiet: innen und außen
  • manipulationssicher, selbstzerstörend beim Ablösen
  • permanent haftend