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HAZMAT Labels Class 2 - UN1950

Gefahrgutetiketten Klasse 2 - UN1950
Self-adhesive HAZMAT labels according to GGVSE/ADR RN Nr. 3902 for the transportation of dangerous goods. Hazardous goods are divided into 9 categories according to the proposed danger. In all categories there is a distinction between heightened danger (if applicable). Gases are materials that have a vapor pressure of over 300 kPa (3 bars) at 50°C or that are gaseous at a standard pressure of 101.3 kPa and +20°C. In this category are compressed, fluid or solved gases.

UN1950 - Aerosoles, class 2

Label material:
self adhesive foil
Service temperature:
-20°C  to +80°C
permanently adherent with high end strength, resistant to water and many household cleaners, smudge and weatherproof, for interior and external applications

Please note: Because of the material the color of the "paper labels" is a slightly lighter.

hazardous materials label, class 2 - flammable gas, PVC/Vinyl, red, permanent, width 100 mm, height 100 mm, square, core diameter: 3 inch (76.2 mm), burnable gas, wording: UN1950 - 2, imprint color: black » Details
Weight: 2.15kg
piece(s): 1000 labels on 1 roll(s)
1000 items in stock
Delivery time 1-2 days
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