Hazardous Labels for Products Containing Asbestos

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The handling of asbestos is subject to specific rules because of the dangerous effect of this substance on the health of humans and the environment. Certain policies and rules belong to the agenda of a responsibly managed factory.

The ordinance on hazardous substances states that if employees are exposed to asbestos (risk identification, see §7), measures of protection level 4 of the ordinance on hazardous substances (sections 8 to 11) have to be carried out (the highest level of protection).

"Special rules for the labeling of asbestos products: Asbestos products or their packaging must be equipped with the following label: It is divided into two parts: 1. The upper part (40% of the surface), the letter "a" white on a black background; 2. The lower part (60% of the label), the standard black inscription and/or white on a red background clearly legible contains.“