GHS Labels: Acute toxicity

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These GHS Hazard Symbols indicate that the substance or material is acutely toxic. They also provide important information on how the material is to be used. Hazardous substances must be identified clearly in the warehouse and also on site.

For your information: The Size of the label (side length at least) depends also on the loading capacity of packages and is described as follows:

< 3 liters = 16 mm side length. 10 or 15 mm side length is also allowed.
3 - 50 liters = 23 mm side length
50 - 500 liters = 32 mm side length
> 500 liters = 45 mm side length

The GHS labels are permanently adhesive with high final strength. The material is very resistant to many oils, water, many household cleaners as well as smear-, scratch- and weatherproof.