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Labelident.eu - Your Onlineshop for Professional Identification Products & Labels

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Hazardous Materials Labels / GHS

Hazardous materials labels are diamond shaped and contain intuitive pictograms and specific number codes (classes) which give information about the type of danger a substance proposes during transportation. For every HAZMAT class, you will find the suitable label in our Labelident shop. In addition, we carry GHS-Labels, LQ-Labels as well as UN-Number-Labels.
Hazardous Materials Labels / GHS

More sub catagories:

Dangerous Goods Labels Class 1

Dangerous Goods Labels Class 1 give information about explosives. Dangerous goods labels made of paper or foil, available in our Labelident Shop now!

Dangerous Goods Labels Class 2

Dangerous Goods Labels Class 2 give information about flammable and toxic gases. Label your gases with labels from Labelident.

Dangerous Goods Labels Class 3

Dangerous Goods Labels Class 3 for the labeling of flammable liquids. Available in stock at labelident.com!

Dangerous Goods Labels Class 4

Dangerous Goods Labels Class 4 labels with 3 subcategories for flammable solid materials. Dangerous goods class 4 labels at labelident.com

Dangerous Goods Labels Class 5

Dangerous Goods Labels Class 5 for oxidizing agents and organic peroxides. Affordable HAZMAT labels at labelident.com!

Dangerous Goods Labels Class 6

Dangerous Goods Labels Class 6 with subcategories 6.1 toxic or poisonous materials and 6.2 biohazards. Order online from Labelident!

Dangerous Goods Labels Class 7

Dangerous Goods Labels Class 7 for theproper labeling of radioactive substances to avoid radiation injuries or toxication through the distribution of fire fighting water.

Dangerous Goods Labels Class 8

Dangerous Goods Labels Class 8 for the labeling of corrosive substances that can cause chemical burns or dangerous reactions with water. Dangerous goods labels from Labelident!

Dangerous Goods Labels Class 9

Dangerous Goods Labels Class 9 for all hazardous materials, that do not fulfill the criteria of croups 1-8. Hazmat class 9 labels from Labelident.

Palpable Hazardous Substances Labels & Asbestos Labels

Label your products and packages with Palpable Hazard Warning Signs and Hazardous Labels for Products Containing Asbestos!

GHS Labels

GHS Labels for the labeling of chemicals and respective packaging according to GHS ordinance. High quality GHS labels from Labelident!

Information for our Labelident customers: Our hazardous materials labels are in accordance with hazardous goods classes, which are divided into the following classes:
  • Class 1 - Explosive substances and objects with explosive material
  • Class 2 - Gases
  • Class 3 - Flammable liquids
  • Class 4 - Flammable solids, self-combustible substances and substances that create flammable gases in combination with water
  • Class 5 - Flammable (oxidizing) substances and organic peroxides
  • Class 6 - Poisonous substances and infectious substances
  • Class 7 - Radioactive substances
  • Class 8 - Corrosive substances
  • Class 9 - Various dangerous substances and materials

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