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Labelident.eu - Your Onlineshop for Professional Identification Products & Labels

Please note our lowered shipping costs:
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Dispensing Modules & Adapters

Dispensing Modules and other adapters for easy label dispensing by the label printer. The various supplemental devices for popular label printers are suited for the dispensing of very small, thin, narrow or thick labels. Browse our assortment of dispensing modules or sensor barriers and upgrade your label printer in no time!
Dispensing Modules & Adapters
CAB Interface for CAB A4+ label printer

CAB Interface for CAB A4+ label printer, with Ø 76 mm for consistent, tight winding.

CAB Parallel Centronics Adapter to USB,

CAB Centronics Parallel to USB adapter, converts data from Centronics interface to USB 2.0 High-Speed ​​interface.

CAB Peel-off adapter PS5,

CAB PS5 dispensing adapter for automatic operation. With six additional input and output signals. Improve workflow with CAB equipment from you label printing expert.

CAB Present sensor PS6,

CAB Dispensing light sensor PS6 for manual and automatic operation. It contains the functions for both manual and automatic handling.

CAB Present sensor PS8,

CAB PS8 dispensing light sensor. The photo cell detects the label in peel position and pauses the labelling process to improve workflow. Fast EU-wide delivery!

Godex 1.5

Godex 1.5" Adapter for using Godex Rewinders T10 and T20.

Godex Stripper & Rewinder module, for Godex EZ-2200/EZ-2300/EZ2250i/EZ-2350i

Godex Peeler & Rewinder Module for Godex label printers EZ-2200, EZ-2300, EZ-2250i and EZ-2350i.

Godex Stripper & Rewinder module, for Godex EZ-6200PLUS/EZ-6300PLUS

Godex Stripper and Rewinder Module for Godex label printers EZ-6200PLUS/EZ-6300PLUS.

Godex Stripper Module for Godex EZ-DT-4E, 4

Stripper module for Godex label printer EZ-DT-4E, 4 inch printer width.

Godex Stripper Module for Godex EZPi1200/EZPi1300,

Godex Stripper Module for Godex label printers EZPi1200, EZPi1300 and LD BPPI-1300.

Godex Stripper module for RT700(i)/RT730(i)/RT860i,

Godex Stripper Module for Godex label printers RT700, RT730, RT700i, RT730i, RT860i and Labelident printers LD BP 730/730i.

Godex Stripper Module, 2

Godex stripper module for Godex EZ-DT-2E, 2" printing width.

Godex Stripper Module, for Godex G500/G530

Stripper module for Godex label printers G500, G530 and BP500L-Series.

SATO Dispenser (incl. liner rewinder and real time clock)

SATO dispenser including liner rewinder and real time clock for your CL4NX label printer.

SATO Dispenser (incl. liner rewinder and real time clock) for CL6NX

SATO label dispenser incl. real time clock and liner rewinder. Easy to add to your label printer, compatible with CL6NX label printers from SATO.

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