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Eco & Recycling Labels

Eco signs and recycling signs show that a material or good is recyclable or serve the purpose of distinctly marking a recycling bin. Typical recycling labels are for instance: glass, paper or metal. Ensure clear and destinct recycling with recycling labels.

The most familiar eco labels are "Blauer Engel" (the blue angel) and "Grüner Punkt" (the green dot) can also be found in our range of products. With the blue angel, eco friendliness of your products can be seen at a glance, while the green dot shows the payment of legal fees for the recycling of secondary materials, so that your used products or packaging can be disposed of in accordance with regular waste separation guidelines.
Eco & Recycling Labels
Recycling Label for PE-LD (LDPE)

These recycling labels are for marking various materials (mostly plastics), wich have to be put into the recycling bin.

Der Grüne Punkt

The german "Grüne Punkt" is the license symbol of a European network of industry-funded systems for recycling the packaging materials of consumer goods

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