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NiceLabel PowerForms V6 Software

NiceLabel PowerForms V6 Etikettensoftware
Wir sind NiceLabel-Partner

label design software, NiceLabel V6 (End of Sale on July 1, 2017) PowerForms, Single-Seat License( from to) 1 PC, USB-dongle » Details
Weight: 0.56kg
unit: 1 piece
1 items in stock
Delivery time 1-2 days
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  •  1.219,75 €
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label design software, NiceLabel V6 (End of Sale on July 1, 2017) PowerForms, Multi-Seat License( from to) 5 users, Softkey » Details
Weight: 0.56kg
unit: 1 piece
1 items in stock
Delivery time 1-2 days
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  •  2.374,05 €
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NiceLabel PowerForms V6 unites the functions of NiceLabel Designer Express, Standard and Pro. What is unique about this version is a graphic application generator. With this, you are able to quickly create complex Windows applications which can be used with keyboard, mouse or touchscreen, in very little time. NiceLabel PowerForms V6 gives the user unlimited access to production systems and data bases. Read and integrate data from different systems and pass it on even while the print is in progress! Avoid inadvertent mistakes on entry with the integrated logic-query, control your print results with the real-time print preview and cancel printing the moment error messages appear. A variety of different versions can be chosen from for up to 20 users.

NiceLabel can be used with any 32-bit or 64-bit Windows operating system:
Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2003 R2, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows 7, Windows 8 & Windows Server 2012.

Licenses are unlimited in time and intended for permanent installation on the number of systems corresponding to the purchase.
Easy drag and drop functionality
Graphic application generator for usage with keyboard, mouse and touchscreen
Automatic production of sub-menus for working instructions, printer care and support tips
Up-to-date and multi-lingual user-friendly interface
Basic and multi-lingual (Unicode) label design tools
Advanced label design elements and tools (such as text box, rich text formatting, variable label size, Label Inspector and others)
All standard image files and elements supported (JPG, WMF, BMP and others)
Clipart gallery and fonts including commonly used symbols of industry
True Print Preview which saves time, labels and money
NiceMemMaster - Fonts & graphics download module for thermal transfer printers
All industry-standard, linear, 2-D, EAN.UCC 128 and RSS (Linear and Composite) bar code types
Support of all the latest 2-D symbologies, including PDF 417, Data Matrix, MaxiCode, InfoGlyph and others
Advanced support for AIDC standards such as ASC (FACT), HIBC, Transfer Syntax and bar code compliance proofing
RFID smart label support (EPC Gen2 included)
Prompted fields with data validation
Serialization with custom base, roll over and increment control
Date and time fields with selectable format
Linked fields and Visual Basic Scripting for advanced data processing
Link label fields with a database source
Import data from text (ASCII, CSV) and Excel files
Multiple connections to any database, built-in query builder and custom SQL scripting
Wide range of record selection and filtering possibilities
NiceData – The database manager module
Real time examination of all integrated systems
Printing to all office and label printers, local or network connected
Stand-alone printing support
NicePrintQueue - The print job manager module
Logic check for the avoidance of input errors
Real time-print preview
Internal command language (job files, command line options, DDE)
API programming interface (ActiveX, .NET)
User login protection, label locking and revision history
Customizable log file of printed labels and reprinting support
Print Only edition

NiceLabel 6.0: Download NiceLabel Designer Express [34 MB]
Download NiceLabel Designer Standard [38 MB]
Download NiceLabel Designer Pro / NiceLabel PowerForms [90 MB]
This file can be used for the following NiceLabel versions:
- NiceLabel Designer Pro
- NiceLabel Designer Pro PrintOnly
- NiceLabel PowerForms Desktop
- NiceLabel PowerForms Runtime
- NiceLabel PowerForms Multi-user
Download NiceLabel PowerForms Multi-user [108 MB]

Beginner Tip: We also offer free NiceLabel SE (Starter Edition) for discoverng the world of NiceLabl V6 Sofware!
Download FREE NiceLabel SE