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Label Slitters and Slitting Stations

Label slitters and combined slitting and winding stations facilitate the processing of multi-row labels after printing. The slitting devices can be purchased seperately and can be used with unwinders and rewinders. Label slitters separate the multi-row labels lengthwise, making it possible to turn a multi-row roll into multiple single-row rolls (or any confectioning of your choice). Combined slitting and winding stations rewind the material onto new rolls after cutting. You will also find suited cutting knives and blade holders as well as other spare parts for professional label production and processing.
Label Slitters and Slitting Stations
LABELMATE Heavy Duty Slitter S for CAT-3 Rewinder

With the LABELMATE S-series label slitter, multi-row labels with a max. width of 255 mm can easily be slit to desired dimension in inline or offline mode.

Labelmate SR-6 Slitting Station

The Labelmate SR-6 label slitting station for 3 inch roll cores cuts multiple-row label rolls with a max. outside roll diameter of 220 mm into separate single-row label rolls.

LABELMATE S-200-S Slitting Station

LABELMATE S-200 S slitting station for multi-row label rows consisting of LABELMATE CAT-3-CHUCK, LABELMATE S-200 and LABELMATE UCAT-1-10" for label rolls with up to 255mm width.

LABELMATE High-Speed Blades HSB 10 for Slitters

The precise LABELMATE blades for high cutting speeds are supplied in units of 10 pieces. They are suited for all LABELMATE label cutters.

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