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Barcode Scanners

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Barcode-Scanners are useful devices which facilitate work tasks in all branches of retail and wholesale, in the shipping industry as well as in the warehousing and logistics sector. We supply wireless scanner, cable-based scanner and cable-based scanner incl. table stand. Use our high quality barcode scanners for yearly inventory scans, for pricing, for quality control and for many other applications in your company!
Barcode Scanners
Godex GS500 Barcodescanner

  • 1D- & 2D- barcodes
  • corded
  • omnidirectional
  • USB

  • Applications: wholesale and retail, transportation and logistics

Godex GS220 Laser Scanner

  • 1D- barcodes
  • corded
  • bi-directional
  • USB

  • Applications: wholesale and retail, transportation and logistics

Barcode Scanner Stand for GS220/GS550

    Applications: scanner stand for Godex GS220 und GS550

Barcode-Scanners important component for your work flow

The barcode is the fingerprint of every product, easily recognizable with professional barcode scanners. By being scanned multiple times from production to processing, the flow of raw materials to finished product is made traceable for the consumer. Even upon disposal and recycling of a product, the barcode remains an important component of the work flow.