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Additional Printer Accessories

Printer manufacturers such as CAB, Godex, TSC and Zebra offer optional equipment, to individually customize your label printer according to your label printing demands. From hand and foot push buttons to WiFi interfaces and cutting modules, Labelident offers a large variety of supplemental devices to optimize your label print jobs.

Browse this category to find suitable accessories and supplemental devices for your label printer!
Additional Printer Accessories
CAB SD memory card

CAB SD memory card with 8GB storage capacity for various label printer models.

Zebra RS232 Upgrade Kit for ZD410 dektop label printer

Retrofit serial RS232 interface for your Zebra ZD410 desktop label printer. Order original add-ons from the manufacturer now to print efficent with your ZD410!

Zebra interface Upgrade Kit for ZD420 desktop printers

Original interface for your Zebra ZD420 desktop printer. Order original parts and enhance the functionality of your printer!

Zebra Ethernet Upgrade Kit for ZD410 label printer

Retrofit ethernet interface for your Zebra ZD410 label printer. Order original add-ons from the manufacturer now to connect your ZD410 to existing networks!

CAB battery pack for mobile CAB EOS printers

CAB battery pack optimized for EOS mobile label printers: Printing of more than 500 labels per charge at colour coverage of 15%.

CAB manual switch TR1

With the semi-automatic hand switch, the printing, cutting or dispensing can be triggered in semi-automatic mode.

CAB Memory Card CompactFlash Typ 1

CAB memory card - label formats, fonts, texts and graphics can be saved. It can be accessed from the printer or from the PC.

Zebra OneCare Essential Service for Zebra Printers

The additional service offer for your Zebra label printer: Zebra OneCare Essential services include technical support directly through the manufacturer Zebra.

CAB WiFi-Card 802.11 b/g

CAB Wifi-Card 802.11 b/g. For wireless connectivitiy, chip set dependent. We supply a variety of high-quality items for CAB label printers. EU-wide delivery!

CAB Rewind Guide Plate for CAB A+ Series

Add-ons to re- and unwind your labels: guide plates for your CAB A2+ OR a4* label printerS:

Godex Ribbon shaft, 1 inch, for Godex G-, EZPi- and RT-Serie

Godex Ribbon Shaft with 25.4 mm for Godex label printers from EZPi-Series, G500-Series and Labelident BP500L-Series.

Power Supply for Zebra Mobile Label Printers

Charger incl. EU-plug, Li-ion Smart Charger (SC2) and single battery as replacement part for Zebra QLn-series mobile printers.
For Mobile Printers: Zebra QLn220, Zebra QLn320 and Zebra QLn420

Ethernet Charging Cradles for Zebra Mobile Label Printers

The Ethernet Charging Cradles for Zebra Mobile Label Printers connect your Zebra QLn220 or Zebra QLn320 printers to your wired Ethernet network.
For Mobile Printers: Zebra QLn220, Zebra QLn320

Godex Label rod with stop plate for Godex EZ-series

Godex Label Rod with Stop Plate for Godex EZ-Series

Stacker Attachment for Zebra QLn420

Printer fixation/attachment for stacker with or without base plate and RAM mount arm.
For Mobile Printer: Zebra QLn420

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