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Label Dispenser Core 76.2 mm

Aufnahmekern für Etikettenspender
Aufnahmekern einsetzen
Halterung einstecken
Etikettenrolle einsetzen
Label dispenser core for label rolls with 76.2 mm roll core. For use with label rolls on manual table or wall-mounted dispensing units with 75 mm width (ALB-0316) and 210 mm width (ALB-0816).

Change the dispensing core of your label dispenser with these simple steps:

1. Take a 76.2 mm label roll and press the dispenser core into the roll core opening.

2. Push the mounting bar of the label dispenser through the middle hole of the dispensing core.

3. Place the label roll with the dispensing core and mounting bar into the label dispenser ALB-0316 or ALB-0816.

4. Insert the end of the label roll from top to bottom into the gap between the first and second rollers.

5. Next, thread the end of the label roll from top to bottom between the second and third rollers.

6. If required, pull the end of the label roll to automatically separate the label from the carrier material of the label roll.

Labelident, Core for Label Dispenser, plastic, set with 2 dispenser cores, for Serie ALB-xx16 / LB-x16 / LD-x16, min. roll core-Ø 76.2 mm, max. roll core-Ø 76.2 mm » Details
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