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Cont. Paper Labels, fluorescent, permanent, on roll, 76.2 mm core

Papier-Endlosfolien Leuchtfarben
Papier-Endlosfolien Leuchtgelb
Papier-Endlosfolien Leuchtrot
Permanently adherent paper material in fluorescent colors for universal and cost efficient labeling. Perfect for jobs demanding temporary adhesion. The continuous material allows for excellent print quality. The permanently adhesive acrylate based adhesive is suited for direct contact with wet or dry food stuffs. With this continous material, you can choose your label formats to best suit your demands - you are no longer bound to specific label formats!

continous label material (non perforated) for standard- and industrial printer, paper, yellow (bright), matte, permanent, rectangular, width: 100 mm, 5 mm peel-off margin, 1-row(s) 105 mm roll width, outside wound, 3 inch (76.2 mm core diameter), recommended print ribbon: wax, ribbon consumption: ca. 40 rm per unit » Details
Weight: 0.8kg
unit: 40 rm on 1 roll(s)
1000 items in stock
Delivery time 1-2 days
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