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Barcode Scanners

Barcode-Scanners are useful devices which facilitate work tasks in all branches of retail and wholesale, in the shipping industry as well as in the warehousing and logistics sector. The barcode is the fingerprint of every product, easily recognizable with professional barcode scanners. By being scanned multiple times from production to processing, the flow of raw materials to finished product is made traceable for the consumer. Even upon disposal and recycling of a product, the barcode remains an important component of the work flow. Use our high quality barcode scanners for yearly inventory scans, for pricing, for quality control and for many other applications in your company!
Barcode Scanners
Zebra LS2208 Scanner

Perfectly suited for retail: the Zebra LS2208 barcode scanner offers fast and flexible data capture of 1D-barcodes. Patented circuit board and liquid polymer scan element for reliable scans every time. Drop tested from 1.5 meters.

Zebra LI4278 Barcode Scanner

Zebra LI4278 barcode scanner for fast data capture of 1D barcode from almost all surfaces. Flexible scanning thanks to integrated Bluetooth and up to 72 hour battery life.

Zebra DS 6878-HC Scanner

wireless Zebra DS 6878-HC scanner for fast and easy data entry of 1D, 2D, postcodes and PDF417 codes of patient wristbands, blood bags, syringes, specimens, vials, etc.

Zebra DS 4308-SR Scanner

The Zebra DS4308-SR scanner for the scanning of 1D, 2D and postal barcodes and much more!

Zebra DS 4308-HC Scanner

Zebra DS 4308-HC scanner for hospital and healtch care use. Scans 1D, 2D and postcodes from patient wristbands, blood bags, syringes, vials, specimens and much more.

Zebra DS 3608-SR Scanner

Extremely rugged Zebra DS3608-SR for scanning of up to 20 1D and 2D-barcodes simultaneously, even in rough work environments.

Zebra CS 4070 Scanner

The Zebra CS4070 scanner is suited for the scanning of 1D and 2D codes with a battery life of up to 12 hours when tranferring information via Bluetooth.

Scanner Stand for GS220/GS550

Expand the functions of the Godex GX220 and Godex GS550 models with accessories. We supply the universal Godex scanner stand for comfortable hanging storing of your hand scanner.

Labelident PowerLI Scanner-Series

Labelident barcode scanner are the cost-efficient alternative to more expensive data capture devices. Two-dimensional and omnidirectional scans, reliable scanning and large reading distances. For large and small scan volumes in various industries.

Honeywell Scanners

Honeywell barcode scanner for many different areas of application: various decoding types, bi-directional and omnidirectional capture. Dirt and water resistant in accordance with IP41.

Godex GS550 Scanner

The hand scanner GS550 by Godex reads all standard 1D and even 2D barcodes. Another useful property is that this cost efficient and high performance scanner can read barcodes from paper and from a screen.

Godex GS220 Laser Scanner

Godex GS220 Laser Scanner allows for quick and reliable reading of standard 1D bar codes. With rubberized casing and handy design.

Datalogic Scanners

An assortment of reliable datalogic scanners for various areas of application. Many different models to choose from: omnidirectional or bi-directional capture, for many different barcode types.

Datalogic Quickscan QD2400 Scanner

Barcode canner for retail and warehousing. Imager with omnidirectional reading for virtually all codes.

Datalogic Quickscan Mobile Kit (USB)

Wireless hand scanner for the reading of 2D-codes in all applications at the point of sale (POS). The new Quickscan Imager has a unique target and lighting system, making it absolutely user friendly. Range (open area) 25 m; Base station, 433 Mhz, Multi-Interface RS232.

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